WR Detailing All Purpose Dressing 473ml


Brand WR Detailing        SKU WRAPD473


WR’s All Purpose Dressing is a water based dressing for all interior and exterior plastics and rubber. Naturally providing a gloss finish, it can be diluted up to 1:4 for a more satin, matt finish.


Apply by spraying on to the area and wiping with a dry, or lightly damp, microfibre cloth, or by spraying on to a cloth or foam applicator and wiping onto surface.


WR All purpose dressing will protect exterior plastics and rubber from UV rays and sun bleaching, whilst interior plastics will become easier to maintain and clean once dressing is applied.


If applying on types, ensure the product is not applied to tyre tread.

Do not use on paintwork or glass.

WR All Purpose Dressing