WR Detailing Purple Wheels 473ml


Brand WR Detailing        SKU WRPW473


WR’s Purple Wheels is a powerful cleaner and iron fallout remover. Primarily designed to help remove metallic contaminants which bond to the surface of wheels, Purple Wheels will in fact do this over all external vehicle surfaces; being safe to use on plastics, paintwork, glass, and wheels.


Its crucially important to remove these contaminants that, over time, bond and cause rust, discoloration, and deterioration of your paintwork and wheels.


A simple and straight forward product to use, simply:


  • Spray onto the surface to be cleaned
  • Allow to work, as the name suggests, the product will turn purple as it reacts and lifts contaminants
  • Agitate – for wheels, using a dedicated wheel brush or boar hair’s brush will lift dirty and break dust
  • Rinse – use a pressure washer or open end hose to remove all dirty and product.


The product is designed to work quickly. Do not allow the product to dry on.


A brilliant, simple, product, WR Purple Wheels is a must have in any car cleaners arsenal!

WR Purple Wheels